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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  March 25, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we begin with breaking news from metro as a fire shut down rail service in arlington following a reported fire on the tracks. we know that the fire was not however from the same source that lead to last week's historic shut down. dealexpect delays though for riders on
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that is because crews are still here underground at claire ton investigating this morning's track fire. arlington fire how confirming to us that it was a burned wire. now, metro first told us that it was simply debris on the track that caught fire. i just got off the phone with the metro spokesperson as they now say that they are unsure what caused that fire if it was indeed debris or maintenance failure. this all happened around 10:00 this morning as they would move to shut down service between roselyn and balston. fire crews tell us they rushed to the scene to discover that the fire was already out and extinguished itself, since power was shut down to the tracks. but they were evacuated from the station anyway because smoke started to fill the station fairly quickly. now, this all comes just one day after we learned from metro that they had headquarters, that there were 300
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maintenance problems. that require the emergency repair. so we will be staying on top of metro and get some answers for you. right now that's the very latest. delia goncalves wusa9. >> thanks, delia. one of the other top story is a solemn farewell today for jacai colson who died on march 13 in a shootout outside police headquarters. this is a live look inside the glenn arden baptist church where funeral services are happening right now. >> reporter: mike, good afternoon to you. truly an emotional and somber day here. a megachurch here. there are 4,000 seats inside this church. it goes to show you how
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people came from to show their support and honor for their sacrifice. true hi a painful good-bye for his parents. at one point his mother couldn't even walk. moments after that her husband and their brother all embraced one another, trying to get true the tough time as i want you to see the video before they even started. the officers with the law enforcement agencies from as far as pennsylvania and beyond and all of them lined up outside the church. family members, friends, community members, all united before they start again and that they would line up when they arrived a really painful moment for everyone to witness as the chief embraced the family and the other officers are showing their support back inside here. we have heard from a few people including the mary
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governor. and this is what he had to say about the officer. >> the legacy of detective jacai colson is that of a beloved son, grandson, and brother. he died protecting all of us. >> reporter: president obama also sent in a letter that they received plenty of them from those folks that would be expressing their condolences for the loss of colson whose life was taken over a week ago when that gunman approached the station, which is attached to the headquarters, opening fire. let me tell you about colson that he would have been 29 years old by now. he graduated from the police academy back in 2012 and
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to college in ashlynn, virginia, studying japanese, economics. family and friends say he was a hard worker. he wanted to work. his first job he got that at 14 years old. again many people said he loved his job and protecting the public. and he will again truly be missed. reporting live na -- mikiya turner. >> we'll continue to stream it right now on our app. also on we are following breaking news right now in the war on isis. the pentagon says that the u.s. has killed a top commander in syria. his name abdel rukadi was a senior isis leader who came from al qaeda in iraq. there had been $7 million reward for information leading to his capture. or his death. now to the latest in the brussel terror attack investigation. we know th
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those who were killed. sasha and alexander penacowski were killed shortly after arriving on the airport with the -- on the phone with their mother before the call disconnected. here is candice craig with more. >> reporter: raids have lead to six arrests. police approached one man sitting with a young girl at this bus stop. >> told him to stop and he tried to do something, boom, boom two shots. >> reporter: the other raids like this one in brussels may be connected to last year's bombing attacks in paris, which have been linked to this week's attacks in belgium. members are looking for two people. one seen with the two suicide bombers at the airport. the other seen with the bomber at the subway station where at least two americans are among
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>> first blast went off over to my right. >> reporter: mason wells is a 19-year-old mormon missionary severely burned in the airport bombing. >> i was covered in a fair amount of blood, not necessarily mine even. >> reporter: the u.s. secretary of state lead a wreath in brussels to express his condolences. >> we will continue to provide any assistance necessary in investigating these heinous acts of terrorism. kenneth craig cbs news, brussels, belgium. >> now, a couple from kentucky remains unaccounted for. police are searching for a woman in an alleged road rage incident. the man who does not want to be identified said that the woman had been tailgating him for a few minutes northbound on route 123 when the man turned into a parking lot of the giant store that the woman started accusing him of
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tried to run him over. >> she rammed me like three or four times. i got out of my car. i didn't put my car in park, so it was driving without me in it. and i ran and chased my car down basically and put it in park. once i put it in park, she tried to run me over and i decided to run into the giant store. >> the victim said he did nothing to provoke this woman. they are trying to find the woman who was wearing a neon lime green top driving a red convertible. a woman is expected to survive after getting trapped under a bus. this is last night in crystal city as she was hit and then pinned underneath the metrobus at 15th and eves street. after rescuers freed her, she was taken to the trauma center for care expected to recover. charges will not be filed in one of the two alleged rape cases at howard university. police tell wusa9 that they have closed the investigation
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october. another student accusing the same man of attacking her. she took those accusations against that male student to twitter and that sparked protest on campus. a judge sentenced donald ethics to three and a half years behind bars for possessing child pornography. it was really an undercover fbi agent. once out of prison, ethics will have to register as a sex offender. the brush fires are suffering several homes. they came extremely close to burning homes. sky 9 over the scene as they worked quickly to save those homes from burning to the ground. the red flag warnings were up across the region yesterday. a little bit of rain moved through is
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weekend? meteorologist melissa norr is in the weather center with the forecast. >> we're almost in the clear. we're finally starting to see the showers track out of here with the cold front and here on our wusa9 studio. here is first alert live doppler showing you the showers, the broken line of showers here as you go from elk town over to baltimore and then down towards la plata continuing to track towards the east pretty much almost out of prince george's and also charles county here as we head throughout the next few minutes. so many of us will be heading down to the title basin as we head towards this weekend with a live picture from the michael and son cooling camera. 65 right now and feels like 65 and 64 in
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culpeper. that's where the cold front has not made it through. but in terms of this afternoon, we'll make it into the lower 70s before we talk about the 60s on the way for tomorrow. your complete first alert forecast is coming up in just a bit. and straight at noon another man with virginia ties glenn: the republicans: government shutdowns threatening federal workers; over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message.
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welcome back, we've gotten word that the maryland senate has unanimously given preliminary approval to noah's law named for montgomery county police officer who was killed earlier this year by the alleged drunk driver. and the law would require ignition interlock vehicles to be installed. foin
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family's trip to cuba and argentina. you're seeing the video right now. and that is the president, giving him plenty of time for monday's traditional easter egg roll. and the communist nation says that he confessed to conducting the espionage for south korea. he tried to spread their ideas there and was apparently arrested back in october. just two weeks ago that student visiting north korea was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for trying to take a sign as a souvenir. we'll be looking for the satisfaction today and they will likely get it with the rolling stones that will be performing there for the first time ever on the island nation. banned under the government. the only way to listen to the stones or any other rock band was to get them on the black market and the free show that will be expected to draw a half a million people
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through havana to be a part of the historic concert. today is good friday. the crucifixion of jesus. they took part in the traditional way of the cross and their old city's narrow streets. they trace the route that they walked during their passion and that lead to his crucifixion. holy week and this sunday with easter. a look back at their loss in the sweet 16 of the ncaa tournament. plus, the bloom is finally here. more on the cherry blossoms coming up next. we will be looking at the showers ending in a nice easter weekend. i'll hav
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welcome back a disappointing sweet 16 for the tournament last night. and they faced off in lewisville helding a lead for much of the first half. they showed why they are the best team in the nation right now holding them to 35% shooting in the second half. and the turtle season that will come to an end. 79-63. >> we have accomplished a lot. just to come together for them, the way that we did. just a big group that we would think, overcoming the boundary that they will be back. >> and they look great this year. congratulations to them tonight. we will turn our attention to the cavas
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take on iowa state just after 7:00 as you can see the game right here. that game followed to take on syracuse. a big explosion, that is in minnesota and the tanker caught fire and then exploded last night, filled with 10,000 gallons of propane and hit by a train and some homeowners in the area had to be evacuated from their home since the crash. well it is peak bloom for the title basin that means tighting traffic and the crowds if you are trying to get down there to see them. nikki burdine is there. >> reporter: the cherry blossoms could be a bit stressful. once you get here it is so worth it. >> why did you come out early? >> because i knew i could get a place to park. >> reporter: get here early and beat the
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that's what i love about the city. >> reporter: they have been coming here all their lives. >> we come every year, the girls have been born and raised in the dc area, important for us to get the annual family photo here. >> i like this. >> yes. >> take pictures of her. no drones allowed, but selfie sticks are okay. your best bet is to take the public transportation and metro riders, you should take this smithsonian exit.
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>> my family will be here momentarily. we and the two kids and the dogs will try to do the exact same thing. i'm not so sure. >> yes, it has as they are moving through here. we're dealing with the showers this morning and into this afternoon tracking east of the area.
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out east towards the isolated showers here. cold front is tracking that with the cooler air trying to move in through tomorrow. and you have them lining up along the side there at 65 and it feels like 65 because the humidity is still up right now. with them arriving early tomorrow, we'll see them dropping as well. so it should be a very pleasant weekend. looking ahead, we've got the showers lingering, the sunshine returning later on today. that could affect some of you for your easter egg roll on monday. we'll see the
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up, more sunshine peaking out. temperatures barely making it to the lower 70s. the clouds will clear out tonight and a sunny start for tomorrow. that it should be a mostly clear sky as the sun will come up. your forecast highs for today, many of us will make it to the low and mid-70s, especially south and east of the corridor and further north and west that you are in the upper 60s. and this afternoon that the weekend looks really nice at 62 tomorrow. a little breezy in the afternoon. temperature wise for you on sunday. mostly clear skies to make it to 8
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but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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we'll take a look at the security around the title basin. plus, we will hear from a maryland man who survived the terror attacks in brussels. a pilot is in big trouble over his side job. also snoop dog is now
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host of his own nature show. all that and a lot more coming up on tv at 5:00. >> chief meteorologist here. we hope you have a great friday and a great easter weekend. that's it for the news. take fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that's it for the news. take we are a 100% fiber optic network... and fiber optics move at the speed of light. over the last 10 years, our cable competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more. including pc magazine's #1 for internet speed 10 years running. and jd power ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year... in a row.
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>> michael: what the prosecution has failed to mention... is the very real threat my client was facing -- the paragon virus attacking his business, his family legacy, from the inside out. was my client's response extreme? possibly. but i will make it crystal clear that victor newman's back was against the wall, that he was acting merely in self-defense. >> phyllis: that is a lie! my husband had nothing to do with the computer virus! you don't care about that, do you, victor? because you want to silence the competition, including letting my husband almost die! >> judge murray: order! i want order in this courtroom! >> jack: sit down. >> judge murray: i won't tolerate any more outbursts -- from anyone!


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